How to Customize an Enclosed Safety Shower

An enclosed safety shower is a great way to provide a safe location for employees to use to wash themselves off after working with hazardous materials, as well as provide a way to contain the contents of the shower from spreading into other parts of your facility.

Spill 911’s line of enclosed safety showers, manufactured by Bradley Corporation, are customizable to your specifications. Please see below for a site assessment checklist to see which option would work best for your location.

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Online Safety Training vs. Classroom Safety Training

Is online safety training really as effective as classroom safety training? In this article, we’ll answer this question using the latest available research.

Although the science is not settled on this subject, the vast majority of studies have fallen into these two categories:

1. No statistically detectable difference was found between the efficacy of classroom training and online training.

2. Online Training was slightly more effective.

Surprisingly, very few studies find that classroom training is more effective. This directly contradicts the belief held by most safety professionals that classroom training is superior.

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OSHA Announces Proposal to Lower Beryllium Levels & Increase Workplace Protections

Last week, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) announced the proposal of a new standard that would dramatically lower workplace exposure to beryllium.

Beryllium is a widely-used material used in a number of different industries, including foundry and smelting operations, machining, beryllium oxide ceramics and composites manufacturing and dental lab work. Exposure to high levels of beryllium can cause severe lung diseases and potentially death. OSHA’s proposal would apply to an estimated 35,000 workers throughout these various industries.

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New Line of Ultra-Tech Berms Provide Even More Options in Flexible Containment

Spill 911 has recently added a brand-new line of flexible containment berms from Ultra-Tech International, a manufacturer of spill containment and industrial supply products.

Signified by their distinct green and black color scheme, these Ultra-Tech berms offer you a flexible containment solution for any sized application. Below are some of the new berms that are now available.

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Spill 911 Adds New Products from Ex-Cell Kaiser and FabEnCo

Spill 911 has added a new line of products from Ex-Cell Kaiser, a manufacturer of recycling, hospitality and facility management products, as well as FabEnCo, a manufacturer of safety gates.

The Ex-Cell Kaiser product line features a wide array of items that will help maintain your facility. Examples of these types of products include ash trays, wall-mounted coat racks, waste and recycling receptacles, mop and broom holders, garment racks and bellmans carts. To view the full line of Ex-Cell Kaiser products, click here.

The FabEnCo product line will also assist you with facility management with the various types of safety gates that are available. Some options include adjustable gates, self-closing gates, mezzanine pallet safety gates and loading dock safety gates. These gates will help to ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment as well as help you to stay in compliance with OSHA regulations. To view the full line of FabEnCo products, click here.

If you have any questions on any of these new products or any of our other items, please give one of our customer service representatives a call at 800-474-5911.