Mounted Spill Kits

Do you have a specific area where you need to keep a spill kit handy? Then our Mounted Spill Kits are the perfect choice for you! Our Wall Mount Spill Kits are as durable as they come, featuring an 18-gauge steel cabinet to house your absorbents. Think you may need to change locations of your spill kit? Our Portable Mount Spill Kits can be moved and mounted easily to a number of surfaces, ensuring you always have a spill response kit nearby! Our Mounted Spill Kits are available with either Universal, Oil Only or Hazardous Liquid absorbents and can absorb most water, petroleum and chemical-based fluids. View our full line of Wall Mount Spill Kits below. Click on any of the Mounted Spill Kits to go to that group page. If you need more information, give us a call at 800-474-5911.

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