Referral Program

We’ve done it! We found a way where you can save money, and spend very little effort in doing so. Are there other departments in your company that could be ordering from us that don’t? Do you have another branch looking for spill containment or a business associate who is in need of industrial supplies?

For every new customer you refer to us, whether it is another department down the hall, or a different company in a different state, you will both get rewarded. Once the person you referred orders, they will get 5% off their first order, and a note will be put into your account giving you 5% off your next order. Don’t stop with just one referral. For everyone you refer that orders, you’ll receive 5% off another order. Just make sure they give your account info while ordering.

So call a friend. Text a co-worker. Email an associate. You don’t even have to move from your desk, and you can start saving big on all of your absorbent, material handling, safety and spill containment needs!

CALL 800-474-5911 to speak with a customer service representative to take your order or answer any questions.

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