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Three Phase 54kW, 600V Safety Shower Heater

  • 1 unit
  • 1.5 - 25 GPM Flow Rate
  • 445 lbs.

Price: $24,515.29

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Spill 911 Part Number: SN543-600D

Manufacturer Part Number: SN543/600D

Manufacturer: Keltech

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Three Phase 54kW, 600V Safety Shower Heater
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    Keltech SN series of safety shower systems provide portability that anti–scald valves and fixed plumbing cannot match. Our tankless water heaters can be mounted almost anywhere. Just add water and power. The Keltech SN series shower heater can be paired with any high quality commercial safety shower apparatus. Keltech tankless safety shower heaters can be mounted near your existing shower and/or eyewash facilities.

    Keltech tankless safety shower heating solutions range in size and capacity from 36kW to 144kW. Standard voltage is 480V 3–phase delta or 600V 3–phase delta at various amperages with water flow up to 40 GPM with activation beginning as low as 1.5 GPM.

    Keltech safety shower water heating solutions are built to last and feature quality control systems and premium materials like copper and brass to meet your demanding specs and to increase the life of the heater.


    Meet the New ANSI Z358.1 2004 Standards
    Keltech's safety shower heaters quickly reach the required ANSI standards for tepid water temperatures in as little as 20 to 30 seconds. Keltech tankless water heaters provide injured employees with a constant flow of tepid water at 20 to 30 gallons per minute for an ANSI mandated 15 minutes — or longer if needed.

    Unlike tanks, Keltech tankless water heaters can provide continuous tepid water for multiple incidents with no recovery time.

    Redundant Control and Safety Features
    Every SN safety shower heater that Keltech custom designs includes a patented temperature control system and multiple safety features like internal fusing, digital temperature control, Incoloy 800 sheathed heating elements to eliminate the "tingle" effect, an externally mounted emergency stop button, and NEMA 4 water tight enclosures. Safety only circuits monitor for over temperature conditions and ensure individual chambers do not exceed ANSI standards for tepid water temperature. The SN series is ETL/cETL approved and conforms to UL and CSA standards.

    Minimal Pressure Drop Means No Latent Heat Issues
    The large internal passageways engineered into every Keltech's SN series safety shower heater minimize pressure drop. If the water flow changes drastically, you will not have to be concerned with scalding. Our patented system guarantees there will be no large temperature swing.

    Quality Materials and Components Provide Reliable Performance and Minimal Maintenance
    All Keltech tankless water heating solutions are built to last and feature rugged industrial components constructed from high quality copper and brass tested to 300 PSI. Our heating elements are Incoloy sheathed to provide longer life. Maintenance is minimal, falling within the normal ANSI requirements. One of the best features of a Keltech tankless water heating system is never having to open its enclosure door.

    Easy to Install
    SN safety shower heaters come standard with NEMA enclosures and are easy to install: Just add water and power. All you need is access to one electrical connection and a cold water line. In fact, Keltech SN series safety shower heaters are wired to 480 Delta and 600 Delta — they do not require a neutral. This flexibility allows the tankless safety shower heaters and systems to be mounted near your existing shower and/or emergency eyewash facilities. Keltech's safety shower heaters are also compact and do not require large floor space: the SN series can be wall mounted almost anywhere in the vertical position. Keltech's freestanding shower heating units include a sturdy floor stand kit.

    Save Energy from Day One
    The Keltech tankless safety shower heaters and systems are energy efficient and minimize utility cost. They perform on–demand requiring power and water only when needed. There is no need to heat a 300 gallon boiler 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There's also no need for expensive re–circulation loops. That saves your organization money and keeps the safety of your employees and technicians first.

  • Patented safeties to ensure water temperatures remain within the ANSI tepid water standards
  • Anti–scald feature standard
  • Capable of supplying tepid water to combination shower and eyewash heater without overheating
  • No mixing valves required
  • SN series can be fitted with a shower or a complete shower skid system
  • Each skid system is a complete package designed to meet your temperature range requirements and safety shower criteria
  • With proper sizing, one heater can be used to supply multiple showers
  • Many standard features are available but can also be customized for your site location's requirements
  • Available in 400V 3–phase delta and 600V 3–phase delta configurations
  • Complies with ANSI Z358.1 standards



    1 unit
    1.5 - 25 GPM Flow Rate
    445 lbs.

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